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Shiva Halloween Ball
Summary.... Shiva Halloween Ball
THE ARTICLE Shiva Halloween Ball at The White House | Saturday October 29th 2011

Scarier than a horror movie, more frightening than your worst nightmare and more disturbing than your grandma’s underwear drawer: This is Shiva’s Halloween Ball. An evening where the city’s freakiest fiends, ghastliest ghouls and barbaric beasts congregate together for a night of ritualistic dancing in the dark.

Tucked away in the bosom of the city that ne’er sleeps, in a place where vampires and zombies come out in the ‘eve to play; there lies a dwelling called The Whitehouse. Hidden down a dark street in the Clap of Ham, this building will be inhabited by the City of London’s witches – no doubt on day release from the Dungeons of London. There will they congregate around the cauldron and dance, cackle and commit treacherous acts of horror whilst bewitched by a hypnotic soundtrack of electronic music.

The haunted institution will be awash with chilling and frightening mortals. Once plagued with ghosts, its primary function is to lure unsuspecting citizens of London to indulge in a night of body-gyratory and sinister manoeuvres in the dark.

The date, should you wish to witness this horrific act is the night of Saturday the 29th of October.

Rumour has it that the organisers, the aptly-named Shiva, will employ spellbinding tricksters who will lead the inhabitants into a hypnotic and tribal dance that will span between the hours of 9pm until 5am – when decent folk of this world dream and sleep in their beds.

We can exclusively name and shame these so-called ‘pied pipers’. They are divided into two groups and rooms:

Note these names friends and noblemen, for they are the most wickedest creatures ever to set foot in the City of London. Be sure to lock up your sons and daughters and protect the innocent. Those of you who are brave enough, join us as we aim to demolish these creatures with a stake through the heart....

Come as you are or be encouraged to come ‘incognito’ and dress as one of them – that way we can conduct trickery of our own and, indeed, take them by surprise. Rumour has it there will be 'make-up junkies' on-hand to turn you all into ghastly-looking ghouls. Absolutely free. Disgusting.

Don’t be fooled by the hypnotic rhythms being played by the tricksters. They will almost certainly send you in a trance, bewitch you and have you under their spell....

Below are the details for the covert operation.

Join us if you dare....


Liam 'Uncle Fester' D
Tobie 'Herman Munster' Allen
Rob 'Beetlejuice' Bain
Michael 'Morsey' Myers
Dave 'Hannibal Lecter' Penn
Ash 'Freddie Krueger' Paine
Super 'Exorcist' Penguins

? _______________________________________________________?

Steve 'Evil Dead' Feelgood
Steve 'Blair Witch' Butcher
Muzz 'Casper' Khan (2 hour set)

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