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Interview with Phillip George
Interview with Headliner Phillip George

Philip George is best known for his 2014 single 'Wish You Were Mine' which peaked at number 2 in the UK charts. The song samples the Stevie Wonder track My Cherie Amour. He made it in his bedroom! On 4 January 2015, the song entered the UK Top 40 at number two, only held off the top spot by 'Uptown Funk'. His second single featured Anton Powers and was called 'Alone No More'. The song entered the charts at number 4 - becoming Phillip's second top 10 single in the UK. He's hot property. Shiva interviewer and resident DJ, Muzz Khan, tracked him down to chat about dancing Pandas, stealing passports and the perils of social media.....

S: As it's our 10th birthday, what sort of present would you get us? Bearing in mind that we ARE, you know, 10-years-old.....?!

PG: Maybe a brand new bike with stabilizers? When I was 10, I had already broken my arms three times; one time due to trying to ride a bike!

S: What's the weirdest thing you've seen or heard in a nightclub?
PG: Actually, just recently, I played in Belarus and when I was on the decks somebody with a huge Panda head just started dancing next to me.

(At this point Shiva decided to remain silent. Phillip's gonna get a strange sense of déjà vu soon).

S: Our 10th birthday bash falls on April Fool's Day. What's the biggest A.F prank you've ever played or fallen for?
PG: I actually hid my tour manager's passport overseas at the airport. He literally turned white. Played along with it for five minutes or so before giving it him back. Didn't want him hopping in a taxi to go and find it!!

S: What can the crowd expect of you at Shiva's 10th birthday bash at Lightbox/Protocol?
PG: A grooving house set with a few surprises in there. Literally can't wait!!!

S: If there's one thing you could change about the world, what would it be?
PG: The way people use social media at the moment. It's one of those love/hate things for me. Obviously it’s a part of my job so I use it frequently, but I try to avoid it when I can. Life stories on Facebook are not cool. I think it can brainwash a person, turn them into something they're not.

S: What upcoming releases can we look forward to from you? And in addition to that, any exciting new collaborations?
PG: Originally people know me as the producer who had the mainstream hits, but I’ve actually been working on some more underground material recently. I've also just done a brand new track with an amazing artist, but can't say much about it yet - but it’s coming soon.

S: What's the biggest track in your box right now and why?
PG: I've actually done a few edits that have been going off recently. If they become official.... who knows? But again I can't say what they are because, well, just in case! You'll just have to see the set! ;o)

S: Your breakout single, 'Wish You Were Mine' sampled the great Stevie Wonder. How did you come about the original and what drew you to sampling it?
PG: It was almost four years ago now. Before house music I made Liquid Drum 'n' Bass, so I was use to using Motown vocals. I just went off the back of that. I really don't know how I managed to get hold of the acapella though.

S: Your second single 'Alone No More', also used a famous sample. This time from Another Level. The maths genius in us tells us that you would've only been 5 years old when it came out? Were you a fan of the original? Or did the inspiration strike elsewhere?
PG: I had actually heard the original before, but it was due to Anton Powers in terms of how the idea came about. Him and a group called Midnight City came up with the initial ideas. Then I just put my spin on it. That track was a real group effort.

S: You're a Nottingham boy and you were nominated for a Brit Award for 'Wish You Were Mine' but lost out to Adele - which is probably an easy loss to cope with - did you tap her up for a potential duet?
PG: I was actually gutted. I thought I had a real chance at winning that category... yeah yeah yeah! Maybe in a dream world! Hahaha. How good is Adele?! I actually really admire her. She's brilliant and deserved everything she got that night. She really cleaned up at the awards. I was just happy to be there in the O2 Arena and at The Brits, because - as you said - I'm a Nottingham boy, so I don't get to see these wonders that much. I'd love to sit down in the studio and churn out a ballad with Adele, but I doubt we would anytime soon. But, hey, never say never!

Words by: Muzz Khan