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Interview with Huck Finn
Interview with DJ Legend Huck Finn
THE INTERVIEW Huck Finn has been with Shiva since the beginning. In fact, he's been DJing for as long as house music has been alive. That's quite a feat. He joined Shiva interviewer and resident DJ, Muzz Khan, for a natter. Expect stories about persuading friends to hide in boots of cars, DJing at Turnmills when it was just a cupboard and Star Wars.
The force is strong with this one.....

As it's our 10th birthday, what sort of present would you get us? Bearing in mind that we ARE, you know, 10-years-old.....?!
Something Star Wars-related. Because most 10-year-olds like Star Wars and Liam's a big, fat kid!

What's the weirdest thing you've seen or heard in a nightclub?
I would say the weirdest experience as a DJ was playing the main room at Turnmills back in the day, which was without doubt my favourite club to play. Anyway, the main room DJ booth was like a cupboard in the early days - so it was like playing at home. You couldn't gauge crowd reaction. It's only when you left the booth that the atmosphere hit you like a brick. There a vid from a Girls FM party in 1995 I DJ'ed at on YouTube; shows what I mean!

Our 10th birthday bash falls on April Fool's Day. What's the biggest A.F prank you've ever played or fallen for?
Best one ever was in Malta. I was there for a gig with my mates and we were going to Gozo (the adjoining island) for a festival. As we got closer to the ferry, my mate said 'Have we got our passports to get to Gozo?'. Two of us knew already we didn't need them as we'd been before; but one mate didn't and we cottoned on straight away about what was afoot! We told him he'd be arrested being on the ferry without a passport and that we'd have to sneak him over. Cut a long story short, we talked him into hiding in the boot of the car and when we got to the other side we kept saying: 'Ssssh! Keep quiet! The police are pulling us over!'. We got out and banged hard on the boot with a mate speaking a bit of Maltese and us going 'There's nothing in the boot, officer! We throw open the boot and he's there curled up in a ball like a baby. He thought the worst. We were all in hysterics and he - eventually - saw the funny side!

What can the crowd expect of you at Shiva's 10th birthday bash at Lightbox/Protocol?
Same as always. Uplifting sounds old and new, house music across all genres, some special edits and remixes, a big smile and a whole lot of funky moves!

If there's one thing you could change about the world, what would it be?
Hate. The world would be so much better if we showed love instead of all this hate.

What upcoming releases can we look forward to from you? And in addition to that, any exciting new collaborations?
Been lucky to work with some great people over the years to learn the ropes in the studio - but never took production up, alas. Recently, I enrolled at university to get a degree in Radio and Digital Media - as I’m thinking of the future now. In between this, I'm working on tracks for an album I’m putting together. It's going to be a free download mixed album to start with. There'll be a variety of sounds and influences from the past. I've really enjoyed doing it. Details will be released via my fan page on Facebook:

What's the biggest track in your box right now and why?
I Miss You (Full Intention Remix).
Why? 'Cause I love the sample and you can't beat a bit of piano in a house track. Add to that, it's Full Intention. For me, they are bringing back the sound I love in house. 'Keep Pushing' is another. They are smashing it for me at the moment.

According to our statistics here at Shiva HQ, you've been a DJ for 31 years; the exact amount of year’s house music has been around. Coincidence? Have you enjoyed the ride?
From my very first gig at 16-years-old on the HMS Belfast when it was soul 'n' funk and early what-we-called-dance-music to my local record shop influencing me with the house sound; that was the start for me in 1986. That 'House Nation' track made me want more before the whole sound started hitting our shores in a big way. If someone said to me I'd still be doing this 30 years later, I would've laughed. I was just a music lover and I still am.

You're well known as being one of the legendary DJs behind the now-off-air Passion FM. Were you upset when it closed? Why did it end?
I’ve been on numerous underground stations over the years; from Ice FM to Flex FM, a guest mix on Radio 1 and guest on many other stations worldwide; but like all good things in life it changes, it evolves and people move on to other things. The Passion FM crew are very much involved in clubland still with the event Promised Land. The night still musically show what Passion was all about.

You now have your own show on SelectUK Radio. How's that going and when can we tune in?
Amazing. Definitely the house music station for the capital and the world; with now Adam Beyer from Drumcode and Toolroom's Mark Knight doing shows and with lots of other heavyweights from the scene. The regular DJs are solid and the music is house-influenced across all genres. I’ve done shows at a few different times but I'm now on air on Monday afternoons - 2pm 'til 4pm for #huckshouse. Hope you can join me and tune in!

I'm really looking forward to Shiva on April 1st. I remember the first event I headlined at like it was yesterday..... Haha!

Words by Muzz Khan.