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Interview with Maxine Hardcastle
#Shiva10 Interview with Maxine Hardcastle, Feb 2017
THE INTERVIEW British DJ, singer and producer Maxine Hardcastle has boldly crafted her way through the music industry over the last decade. Her emphatic DJ sets, musical versatility and vocal / production capabilities led to being signed to the Pacha DJ Agency in 2015 and becoming resident at world renowned Pacha Ibiza. Prior to this Maxine was a regular DJ at top London venues, from a residency at the world renowned Annabel's in London's Mayfair, to playing underground venues such as Ministry of Sound, The Egg, Brixton Electric and Lightbox, where she will be returning for Shiva.

Being the daughter of iconic 80's pop star, Paul Hardcastle, a musical influence from a very young age was inevitable, achieving no.1 on the American billboard charts as a teenager with the single '19'..?Her early career also saw releases on labels such as Hed Kandi, Ministry of Sound, Universal, Nervous and King Street Records, regularly hitting top spots across Beatport charts. Summer 2016 saw her play at Sankeys Ibiza where she was able to showcase her natural sound of groovy, rhythmic tech house and techno, with a whole host of tracks due to be released.
Shiva interviewer and resident DJ, Muzz Khan, caught up with her to find out more.....

S: As it's our 10th birthday, what sort of present would you get us? Bearing in mind that we ARE, you know, 10-years-old.....?!
M: A 'Raving Kit' with all the essentials inside to cater for your raving needs. Sometimes a bottle of water in the middle of a dance floor can be priceless!!
S: What's the weirdest thing you've seen or heard in a nightclub?
M: That would have been at BPM this year. As the lights came up, people were wearing these kind of 'Avatar' outfits and there were blow up aliens next to me - which I hadn't even noticed in the dark. Trippy stuff!!

S: Our 10th birthday bash falls on April Fool's Day. What's the biggest A.F prank you've ever played or fallen for?
M: Someone telling me they had shaved my eyebrows off in my sleep. I wasn't amused!
S: What can our crowd expect of you at Shiva's 10th birthday bash at Lightbox/Protocol?
M: Looking forward to playing music that has gone down well at Sankeys, Ibiza plus some new unreleased music that I haven't yet played!
S: If there's one thing you could change about the world, what would it be?
M: Everyone would be vegan. ??

S: What upcoming releases can we look forward to from you? And in addition to that, any exciting new collaborations?
M: I've recently collaborated on some tracks with fellow DJ Jess Bays, Myles and Cameo. I've more to announce next month!
S: What's the biggest track in your box right now and why?
M: 'Zulu' by Max Chapman & George Meddles - I love playing it out. It's a bomb!
S: The inevitable question, about a certain Paul Hardcastle. Did you - as a young girl - always feel that you were going to follow in your father's footsteps?
M: I grew up in a very musical background. My Grandad was a super talented musician. He took my father touring around Europe at a very young age and they would perform together. My brother is a saxophonist and producer, too. We get to gig together a lot which is really cool.

S: Tell us about your infamous residency at The Redlight at Sankeys. How did that come about?
M: I actually entered the Sankeys DJ competition after finishing my residency at Pacha Ibiza and got through. I loved the club so it was the best feeling in the world to become a resident DJ there. I can't wait to get back this summer.
S: It's hard to imagine you living a life NOT in the music industry - but if you did (and indeed that path was different) - what would you have become?
M: I trained in performing arts and ran my own dance school, so I'd probably still be doing that! Teaching kids was tough but very rewarding!

Words by: Muzz Khan